Seven Up (for Award): The Un-Territory Check?

Blue DotFor all of our franchise broker partners and associated referral partners, here is a very quick overview of seven territories available locally:

Pasco county is divided in two, and each has the potential to blossom along with the continued growth of the county.  If Pasco ever reached the population density of Pinellas (St. Petersburg), it could contain four territories.  Pasco county includes Wesley Chapel, Zephyrhills, Hudson, Dade City, New Port Richey, and Odessa.

Ocala is represented by two territories, as well.  One of which has two major referral sources practically across the street from each other.  Remember, with Always Best Care your referral sources are protected.

Lakeland and the surrounding area comprises two territories that are primed for growth as that area enjoys the benefits of Amazon and Publix both looking to expand and flourish.

Last, but not least, Pinellas County actually has four open territories and it would be tough to pick just one!  Demographics in and around Clearwater/St. Petersburg are ideal for our business model.

For more information, please give us a call or drop us a note and we will be happy to answer your questions or discuss the particulars.


Start a Home Care Business in Pasco County?

oppty2What if you could lock in the growth potential of Pasco county for a single-office, home health agency for a very reasonable investment – one that would protect

Source: Start a Home Care Business in Pasco County?

Opportunity Building in Pasco County

Sometines opportunity knocks, sometimes it uses earth movers and construction equipment!

Pasco has nearly three times the land as Pinellas and has only 500,000 people in it.”

oppty2At Always Best Care, territories are sized at approximately 250k residents – which means all of Pasco, and all its tremendous growth potential, is now available as two territories!  Pinellas, with its population density, has four territories.

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Link to July 12, Tampa Bay TImes article SR 56 / Pasco County Growth



Personal and Financial Independence

Question: Would you rather invest in yourself or in today’s stock and bond markets?50142_add_scale_lg

Given the uncertainty of international economies and the possible impact on US markets, a number of people are coming to the realization that investing more directly in their own futures is a better idea than relying on other investment vehicles.

What do you think?

Learn how you can invest in yourself, “Build a Business.  Make a Difference,”

Why Become an Always Best Care Franchise Owner?

Business Ownership Opportunity

Personally, I’d start with #9!

In markets that have an Area Representative (like here in Tampa Bay), franchise owners will have a local, in-market business coach and advisor.  Not just telephone support, or an occasional visit from a company employee – but a fellow franchise owner with a vested interest in the unit owners’ growth and success.  Please take a look at the list, and ask us about the unique approach we have taken to ‘pre-heat’ our Tampa/St Petersburg territories!

Read more @ Some Very Good Reasons to Be An Always Best Care Franchise Owner

New Additions to our FAQs

QuEspanolIs Always Best Care (ABC) open to other marketing opportunities (ie – billboards etc.)?

Local spending – to the minimum amount specified in their Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document – is up to the owner.  Marketing strategy is for the owner and Area Representative (AR) to discuss, but mainly it is the owner’s decision.  ABC provides a number of leading-edge national advertising programs and efforts, and myriad collateral pieces as part of the National Advertising Fund.  Creativity (and persistence) is encouraged in networking, marketing and PR.  Obviously, the measures of effectiveness are starts of care, placements and revenue.

Who is your #1 Franchisee, where are they located?

Our superstar is Bryant Greene in the Philadelphia area.  As Franchise of the Year, he is receiving quite a bit of press.

Does your industry experience seasonal sales challenges (i.e. the summer or holiday seasons)?

The healthcare industry tends to be recession resistant, as a whole, and relatively non-seasonal, though some locations may experience seasonal fluctuations. Some parts of Florida, for example, have the potential to see more residents, and therefore potentially more demand, during winter months.

Four Simple Steps

Stepped Steps

A quick PowerPoint screenshow displaying the four basic steps to go from an idea to business ownership. Sure, it will take time (less than you think), may include hard work (what worthwhile accomplishment doesn’t?) and take you out of your comfort zone (see: hard work).

Most people tackle Discovery and Validation in ninety (90) days, but everyone is encouraged to proceed at their own pace.

If you have been curious about franchise ownership, why not check it out?

What have you got to … gain?