Updated Age Distribution Demographics

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This has always been a very telling demographic chart, but the addition of the 2010 data (in blue) clearly shows the march of boomers up the chart to maturity.

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Always Best Care on Tampa-area Radio

Michele was the guest on The Arch Deal Hour on Tan Talk 1340 Radio network on Sunday, April 12 at 7 pm.  You can find the podcasts recording at http://www.internetradiopros.com/archdealshow/ or http://www.tantalk1340.com/show/the-arch-deal-show/ 

Next week, Michele will be joined by local Always Best Care owner Bob Morgan, who runs our office covering Hillsborough county.  They will discuss both In-home Care and Assisted Living options for Tampa Bay families.


Have You Seen the Baby Boom?

This is one of my favorite ways to display the Baby Boom!


Note that the chart shows 2003 data for population by age,

The third or fourth yellow bar from the top shows the number of people currently turning 65 in 2015

The bars continue to grow steadily, surpassing 2 MILLION males and females for a number of years (second vertical line from the right or left)

The numbers hover around 2 MILLION for years to come.

It is expected the top of the graph (those much older than 65) will continue to expand as the Baby Boom pushes ‘north of 65.’

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AARP’s Five Myths About Baby Boomers and Florida’s Future

AARP FL MYTHS  (click for the full article)

Retirees a drain or boon?

Retirees have minimal impact?

Retirees not creating jobs?

Do we really need more retirees?

Boomers want the same thing as their parents?

Peace of Mind: Daily telephone contact for seniors, the diabled, shut-ins

Another example of a service that sets Always Best Care apart. “Build a Business. Make a Difference.” ™

What is “Fire & Heart?”

Fire & Heart: Enterprising Individuals with Compassion

Fire & Heart” are the two key traits we look for in new franchisees.  ‘Fire’ is the desire to build a business.  It is the willingness to go outside one’s comfort zone and make what Peter Drucker referred to as the ‘brave decision.’

Heart’ is the compassion to help people in their time of need, to want to be of service, the desire to make a difference.  Anyone who volunteers their time to a charity, cause or non-profit demonstrates ‘Heart,’ as does anyone who has ever cared for a loved one – regardless of age.

A good candidate may possess a resume with years of managerial, leadership or entrepreneurial experience. Often, we will see active membership, or board positions, in not-for-profit or charitable organizations.  Let’s not forget veterans and first responders who live leadership and service on a daily basis,

If you…

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An Important Factor That Sets Always Best Care Apart …

if I may so myself!


Here We Grow, Again!

Here we grow, again! We are thrilled to announce that Bob and Jennifer Morgan of Valrico have been awarded both the South Tampa and Brandon/Sun City territories! They will immediately begin our extensive training program and aim to open for business in early 4Q’14.

This comes on the heels of our Palm Harbor/Upper Pinellas franchisees. Jane and Bill Schumacher, completing their Field Training this week! Their Grand Opening is coming soon!