Local Support

AREA REPRESENTATIVES – Local Support, Trainers, Coaches, Mentors

Always Best Care has a proven, successful training and support system that combines both corporate and local services through our Area Representative (AR) support system.  Your local Area Representative is based near you, and provides on-the-spot coaching, mentoring and business-building advice that’s invaluable to both new and experienced franchise owners.  Area Representatives are joined by Franchise Operations Trainers in providing both initial and ongoing training and support, including field training in your local marketing area.

LOCAL SUPPORT –  Key to Your Success

You will have a local leader, mentor, business coach, team builder and first responder to your needs. Plus, you have the significant advantage of having a business coach to help generate, and then regularly review, your business plan and participate in on-going coaching sessions.  This level of local support is unmatched in the senior care industry.

WEST FLORIDA – Michele Manzo-Lembo and Mark A. Lembo

As the local Area Representatives, based in Tampa, we are positioned to help our franchisee owners with support and assistance in marketing, operations, networking and any other issues that might arise.  Instead of relying on support teams that could be thousands of miles away, we are never more than a short drive from our franchise owners, and are always available by phone.  Make sure to ask us about our unique “pre-heating” strategy that has proven to be successful in helping new owners ramp up.

Our main responsibilities are to:

  • Help facilitate candidates’ learning about Always Best Care and,
  • Serve as local trainer, mentor and liaison with corporate headquarters
  • Coach and assist you in ramping up your business to profitability as quickly as possible.
  • Support franchise owners as their business coach with ongoing strategic planning, mentoring, networking, communications, and team building at a local level. 
We are looking for people with “fire & heart” – the drive and commitment to build a significant enterprise, as well as the compassion and desire to make a difference by helping others.

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