Information on Veteran-owned Business Certification

Business Certification for Veteran-owned Businesses

Link to a recent post on the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) site at the University of South Florida.

Florida Leads in Franchising Interest

A very interesting chart from a post at

Franchise Interest

AARP’s Five Myths About Baby Boomers and Florida’s Future

AARP FL MYTHS  (click for the full article)

Retirees a drain or boon?

Retirees have minimal impact?

Retirees not creating jobs?

Do we really need more retirees?

Boomers want the same thing as their parents?

Peace of Mind: Daily telephone contact for seniors, the diabled, shut-ins

Another example of a service that sets Always Best Care apart. “Build a Business. Make a Difference.” ™

Assisted Living Navigator's Blog

The ‘Always In Touch’ telephone reassurance program provides regularly scheduled phone calls to those who could benefit from frequent check-ins.  The program is flexible and free of charge.  Please access more information through the link, or call, email or respond with your questions.


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Currently Seeking …

Enterprising Individuals looking to “Build a Business. Make a Difference.”™ in North Tampa, Ocala, and Saint Petersburg – Lakeland, too!.

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Entrepreneurship and … Poker?

Entrepreneurship and Poker

Always Best Care on

Always Best Care on

While it’s always nice to get a mention in such a great vehicle as Always Best Care is foremost a provider of compassionate care and services to our clients.  Profit helps ensure survival of the organization, but profit is not possible without providing a needed service that meets the clients’ needs and exceeds their expectations.  Our goal is to provide exceptional service to our clients; growth and profit are a by-product of those efforts.