Keys to a successful business validation call


From the good folks at Franchise Selection Advisors …

If you’ve been investigating opening a franchise, or talking to a franchise consultant much like ourselves, you may have already become acquainted with the concept of a business validation call.

Franchise validation calls are a critical aspect of the review process between any franchisee or franchisor. These are the calls that give the potential franchisee the opportunity to ask questions of those who have been through the process before.

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Information on Veteran-owned Business Certification

Business Certification for Veteran-owned Businesses

Link to a recent post on the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) site at the University of South Florida.

Florida Leads in Franchising Interest

A very interesting chart from a post at

Franchise Interest

AARP’s Five Myths About Baby Boomers and Florida’s Future

AARP FL MYTHS  (click for the full article)

Retirees a drain or boon?

Retirees have minimal impact?

Retirees not creating jobs?

Do we really need more retirees?

Boomers want the same thing as their parents?

Peace of Mind: Daily telephone contact for seniors, the diabled, shut-ins

Another example of a service that sets Always Best Care apart. “Build a Business. Make a Difference.” ™

Assisted Living Navigator's Blog

The ‘Always In Touch’ telephone reassurance program provides regularly scheduled phone calls to those who could benefit from frequent check-ins.  The program is flexible and free of charge.  Please access more information through the link, or call, email or respond with your questions.


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Entrepreneurship and … Poker?

Entrepreneurship and Poker