New Additions to our FAQs

QuEspanolIs Always Best Care (ABC) open to other marketing opportunities (ie – billboards etc.)?

Local spending – to the minimum amount specified in their Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document – is up to the owner.  Marketing strategy is for the owner and Area Representative (AR) to discuss, but mainly it is the owner’s decision.  ABC provides a number of leading-edge national advertising programs and efforts, and myriad collateral pieces as part of the National Advertising Fund.  Creativity (and persistence) is encouraged in networking, marketing and PR.  Obviously, the measures of effectiveness are starts of care, placements and revenue.

Who is your #1 Franchisee, where are they located?

Our superstar is Bryant Greene in the Philadelphia area.  As Franchise of the Year, he is receiving quite a bit of press.

Does your industry experience seasonal sales challenges (i.e. the summer or holiday seasons)?

The healthcare industry tends to be recession resistant, as a whole, and relatively non-seasonal, though some locations may experience seasonal fluctuations. Some parts of Florida, for example, have the potential to see more residents, and therefore potentially more demand, during winter months.


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