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Radio on airComing up next Tuesday on the nationally syndicated Ray Lucia Show is an interview with Always Best Care’s Boston-area franchisee, David Robinson.  Don’t miss it – Tuesday, July 21, 12:35pm Eastern time.

Ray’s show is broadcast live every day.


Opportunity Building in Pasco County

Sometines opportunity knocks, sometimes it uses earth movers and construction equipment!

Pasco has nearly three times the land as Pinellas and has only 500,000 people in it.”

oppty2At Always Best Care, territories are sized at approximately 250k residents – which means all of Pasco, and all its tremendous growth potential, is now available as two territories!  Pinellas, with its population density, has four territories.

Contact us today to learn more about this ‘ground floor’ opportunity!

Link to July 12, Tampa Bay TImes article SR 56 / Pasco County Growth



Leadership …

leadershipthe act or process

of arousing, engaging, and satisying

the needs and motives of followers;

In an environment of conflict, competition, or achievement,

which results in followers taking action

toward a mutually shared vision.

More Always Best Care on the Radio!

Radio on airAlways Best Care has lined up a number of guest spots on the Ray Lucia Show on Biz Talk Radio.  Hear our colleague, Ruben Trevino, Area Representative in New Jersey, here on the June 30th show, at about the 30 minute mark.

Michele is locking down two spots to discuss 1) franchise ownership, and 2) Assisted Living Placement services.  As soon as those dates are available, will post them.  Until then, please check out this blog and our sister blog at the ALP link above.

As always, we are just a phone call or email away from answering your questions.

Personal and Financial Independence

Question: Would you rather invest in yourself or in today’s stock and bond markets?50142_add_scale_lg

Given the uncertainty of international economies and the possible impact on US markets, a number of people are coming to the realization that investing more directly in their own futures is a better idea than relying on other investment vehicles.

What do you think?

Learn how you can invest in yourself, “Build a Business.  Make a Difference,”

5 Faulty Franchising Myths

JR QuestionIf you’ve found yourself thinking about new professional opportunities lately, you’ve probably performed some research on franchising. Becoming a franchise owner is attractive because it gives you the best of both professional worlds: the ability to operate your own business independently, but with the support of a successful organization behind you.

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Why Become an Always Best Care Franchise Owner?

Business Ownership Opportunity

Personally, I’d start with #9!

In markets that have an Area Representative (like here in Tampa Bay), franchise owners will have a local, in-market business coach and advisor.  Not just telephone support, or an occasional visit from a company employee – but a fellow franchise owner with a vested interest in the unit owners’ growth and success.  Please take a look at the list, and ask us about the unique approach we have taken to ‘pre-heat’ our Tampa/St Petersburg territories!

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