Four Simple Steps

Stepped Steps

A quick PowerPoint screenshow displaying the four basic steps to go from an idea to business ownership. Sure, it will take time (less than you think), may include hard work (what worthwhile accomplishment doesn’t?) and take you out of your comfort zone (see: hard work).

Most people tackle Discovery and Validation in ninety (90) days, but everyone is encouraged to proceed at their own pace.

If you have been curious about franchise ownership, why not check it out?

What have you got to … gain?

Media Interviews

Media Interviews  A link to Michele’s recent media appearances talking about Assisted Living Placement, In-home Care and the Always Best Care business model that brings both together under one roof.

Q: How soon to profitability?

A:  There is no single answer, as each territory is unique and each owner brings different skills, teams and capital to the task.  Area Representatives, or Field Support Office staff, will work with new owners on office set up and structure, P & L planning and tracking, business generation and most everything else associated with establishing the business, generating revenue and creating profit.

In the end, the timeline is a function of many things including the new owner’s own goals, drive, networking and leadership skills.

We have a goal of generating revenue within 90 days of formal classroom training, and have surpassed that goal with our new, local owners in 2014.  Our local ‘pre-heating’ strategy has proven effective in generating the connections and contacts helpful in jump-starting a territory.

Slide3The best way to gather information on that question is through reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and speaking with franchise owners during the Validation phase of the structured due diligence process.


As always, we look forward to the opportunity to discuss the details with you.