Great Questions to Ask … Any Franchise Concept!

The following questions and topics have come up recently, and they are fantastic questions to ask any franchise concept.  The “Validation” phase is an important part of your due diligence and it is critical to your understanding the details you need to make an informed decision.  We will answer these questions in detail over the next few days, and always welcome the opportunity to discuss these subjects at your convenience..

Q: What support will Always Best Care (ABC) be able to offer at start-up and during operations?

Q:  What training is available?QuEspanol

Q:  How will clients be obtained?

Q:  Will anyone be available to help obtain clients during start-up?

Q:  How will caregivers be obtained?

Q:  How soon to profitability?

Q:  If the business is so good, why is the territory still available?

International Conference

Just getting back from the Always Best Care 2015 International Conference!  Fantastic keynote presentations by Chip Eichelberger, and excellent break-out sesssions on Skilled Care and Assisted Living Placement – all combined with the opportunity to discuss best practices implemented around the US and Canada.

From Our Friends at Guidant Finacial …

Quiz: Would you make a good owner?