Q: If the business is so good, why are territories still available?

Business Ownership Opportunity

Ask us how you can create your future with Always Best Care in Tampa Bay.

A:  This is an excellent question with many facets: demographics, the award process, the economy, … . ; as does the answer!

It takes a special set of skills, capabilities, motivations and funds to start a Home Health Agency in the state of Florida.  We “award” territories to individuals; it is not just a sales transaction.  We get to know the potential new owners, just as they dive into their due diligence on us.  If someone is looking just to make quick and easy money with little connection with the clients, then this is not the business or industry for them.

When economic times are tough, the funds available for this investment may not be available to some; when times are good, there may not be motivation to leave a steadily paying job, no matter how unsatisfactory that environment is..

Locally, we seek talented individuals with “Fire and Heart,” the desire to grow a business coupled with the compassion to care for people in need.  The combination may be exhibited by an evolving career coupled with a history of giving back to the community,  This is a rare combination, but one that should provide the basis for a successful senior care business.  We have spoken with individuals that have one, or the other, but few who have had both.

We will continue to look for these unique individuals so we can assemble the best possible team.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss this balance of “Fire and Heart.”


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