Where are the Opportunities and Openings?

JR Question

We currently have territories open in and around Tampa Bay, as well as other parts of Florida, the US and Canada.

A territory consists of contiguous zip codes with a population totaling around 225,000.  Between the territories we attempt to balance the number of major referral sources, like hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.  Since no two territories are alike, we would be happy to discuss the intricacies of your local market.

A differentiator with Always Best Care is that the referral sources are protected within a territory, and owners can ‘follow’ a client from the referral source (hospital, for example) to the home, even if it is outside the territory.  Other concepts protect the residents in the territory which can create confusion at the referral source if multiple representatives are calling on the source.

Employment opportunities will vary with each office, depending on the owner’s strengths and office organization.  In general, the office staff will consist of a scheduler, a marketer/care coordinator, and (in Florida) an administrator/RN.  To provide services to clients, the owner will pull together a team of part-time caregivers.



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