Have You Seen the Baby Boom?

This is one of my favorite ways to display the Baby Boom!


Note that the chart shows 2003 data for population by age,

The third or fourth yellow bar from the top shows the number of people currently turning 65 in 2015

The bars continue to grow steadily, surpassing 2 MILLION males and females for a number of years (second vertical line from the right or left)

The numbers hover around 2 MILLION for years to come.

It is expected the top of the graph (those much older than 65) will continue to expand as the Baby Boom pushes ‘north of 65.’

“What Does a Typical Owner Look Like,” Part Two

Once upon a time, …

Actually the ‘back story’ for many of owners involves fifteen, or more, years in a mid-level to senior management positions, usually, of increasing responsibility.  They have led departments or divisions of companies of varying sizes and industries, so they are comfortable with managing people and budgets.  Over the years they have invested and saved, and/or maintained a respectable retirement account and built equity in their homes.  They are confident in their abilities and secure enough to strike out on their own.

Business Ownership Opportunity

In addition to their business experience, they enjoy giving back to the community through Little League, Girl Scouts, their churches, Meals on Wheels, PTA, Booster Clubs, Chambers of Commerce, and a multitude of other community service outlets.  Some simply provide volunteer hours, others gravitate to leadership positions.

Many have had personal encounters with the issues facing the elderly and bring that empathy to bear when helping clients.  Others have seen the need to help through their charity or community service efforts and want to do more.

Regardless of their specific background or motivation to join the Always Best Care family, they have that unique combination of “Fire and Heart” – the desire to create and lead a group toward making a difference in the lives of local seniors.

Sound like someone you know?

7 Mistakes When Choosing a Franchise

Solid advice on all points.

Business Matters Consulting Blog

I’ve seen before countless times…in fact, I’ve been guilty of many of these myself! It’s so easy to get caught up in the emotion of buying a business, that we often overlook important steps in the process.  Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is a long term relationship that must be mutually beneficial.  You are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you!

Here are some common pitfalls to avoid when selecting a franchise to get involved with.

1. Don’t go too far outside of your knowledge base.  There will be lots to learn, new experiences, new procedures, new people, new everything! Keep some familiarity and comfort by choosing a business that is familiar to you.  Don’t get sold on hype – go with a business you know something about.  Have you worked in this industry before?  Does it provide a product or service you love and…

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What are the Keys to Success?

JR Question

This is an industry and business built on caring and on building relationships.  First and foremost is a focus on leading your team to provide exemplary care and service to clients.  Those clients will very likely come from relationships with various referral sources and partners.  Establishing and nurturing those relationships is the basis to growing the business.

As always, we welcome the opportunity to discuss this, or any other question, in greater detail.

Where are the Opportunities and Openings?

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We currently have territories open in and around Tampa Bay, as well as other parts of Florida, the US and Canada.

A territory consists of contiguous zip codes with a population totaling around 225,000.  Between the territories we attempt to balance the number of major referral sources, like hospitals and rehabilitation facilities.  Since no two territories are alike, we would be happy to discuss the intricacies of your local market.

A differentiator with Always Best Care is that the referral sources are protected within a territory, and owners can ‘follow’ a client from the referral source (hospital, for example) to the home, even if it is outside the territory.  Other concepts protect the residents in the territory which can create confusion at the referral source if multiple representatives are calling on the source.

Employment opportunities will vary with each office, depending on the owner’s strengths and office organization.  In general, the office staff will consist of a scheduler, a marketer/care coordinator, and (in Florida) an administrator/RN.  To provide services to clients, the owner will pull together a team of part-time caregivers.


Assuming I am comfortable with franchising, why Always Best Care?

JR Question (2)

Great question, and one that certainly should be asked.

Company founder, Mike Newman, started Always Best Care in 1996 and began franchising the concept across the U.S. in 2007.  Unlike some other home care companies, Always Best Care is born from the industry and based on a deep understanding of how to care for seniors.

Another key differentiator for Always Best Care is the more than 20 Area Representatives around the country who provide direct, ‘in the filed’ marketing and operations support to franchisees.  This level of support is not common in home care. The company has grown steadily since 2007 – we recommend starting the Discovery process to learn more and obtain a copy of the FDD to get all the details.

Our marketing support for franchisees is among the very best, as evidenced by our TV commercials, and collateral materials featuring our own images (versus the stock photos seen so many other places).

Just three of the aspects that make Always Best Care unique and a leader in the industry.  Again, we encourage you to look into the opportunity and see for yourself.

What does a typical owner look like?

JR Question

I could start with 5’ 6”, …  but that’s not the information you are looking for.

Always Best Care owners are a cross-section of America.  We have owners who were managers or executives from Fortune 100 companies, small business owners, husband and wife teams, and a few from the nursing or pharmaceutical sales arenas.  Most owners have come from industries outside of healthcare.  (Some are happy dog owners, too!)

They all share a drive to “Build a Business.  Make a Difference.” ™

As always, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your questions about ownership of an Always Best Care location.

How does someone go about buying a franchise?

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Franchising is regulated by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) which has spelled out guidelines for how franchise opportunities are offered and awarded (see our “Awarded versus Sold” blog post for more on “award.”)

Simply put, the process starts with a quick interview to determine the level of interest of the interested party.  Next, is a structured Discovery phase where the franchisor provides overview information about the industry, the business and the franchisor’s approach to support, marketing and operations.  This phase can last from a few days to weeks, depending on the candidate’s level of interest or sense of urgency.  The key is that the schedule is driven by you, not us. You can, and should, proceed at your own pace.

During this phase, the candidate is provided a copy of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which contains everything you would ever want to know about the franchisor – as defined by the FTC.

At this point, Always Best Care’s Area Representative also will have made a personal introduction and helped answer any questions about the specifics of the local market.

Discovery is followed by Validation, where prospective owners have the opportunity to engage current owners with specific questions about their experience, ‘a day in the life,’ sales, margins, challenges, successes and goals.  Again, this process can last a few weeks, depending on the depth of due diligence performed.

When a prospective owner has completed Discovery and Validation, they have an opportunity to visit the company headquarters for a Discovery Day and meet the leadership team and support team.  Given all that information and interaction, the candidate should then have all the information necessary to make an informed decision about their future.