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Mission, VISION, Goals and Objectives

We can help you work toward your Vision if it included building a business, helping others and making a difference in your community!

What Franchise Opportunity is Best for You?

We’ll be happy to answer your questions regarding franchise opportunities in senior care. Never any obligation or pressure. We help provide the information you need to make an educated decision.


With the wave of firings and layoffs in recent years nationwide, many Americans have had to make tough choices. Do they find whatever kind of work is out there (even if the money barely supports them) or do they settle for temporary unemployment and/or a life of wondering how they will make it from month to month?

In other instances, some individuals are opting to land a franchise, be it a one-person show or even employing others. Either way, selecting the right franchise opportunity is what it all comes down to.


Making the Right Move

In order to choose the best franchise, don’t just stick your finger in the air to see which way the wind blows.

By using professionals that analyze business trends and have a feel for what franchises work and what don’t, you stand a much better chance of finding the right business venture for years to…

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AARP’s Five Myths About Baby Boomers and Florida’s Future

AARP FL MYTHS  (click for the full article)

Retirees a drain or boon?

Retirees have minimal impact?

Retirees not creating jobs?

Do we really need more retirees?

Boomers want the same thing as their parents?

New owners tearing it up!

It is so cool to see our newest local owners bring home the area’s third “Franchisee of the Week” accolade in just the last six or seven weeks!  Great people + great market = success!!

Great Weekend(s) Supporting Worthy Causes

Started Saturday morning supporting Team Morgan at the Sun City Center ‘Walk to End Alzheimer’s’ and ended the day supporting Team Schumacher’s Stone Crab Fest fund-raiser for the Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art.  Great weather, Great company, great causes.  Next weekend off to the Clearwater ‘Walk’ with Team Schumacher!

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