A Community for Me

Fire & Heart: Enterprising Individuals with Compassion

Which Lifestyle is Right for You?

Senior living housing come in all shapes and sizes? There is no one size fits all.  So how to choose which one may be best for you?

An Assisted Living Community may be a good fit if:

  • You struggle to structure your daily activities
  • You feel isolated and desire companionship
  • You don’t feel safe when alone at home
  • You live with someone who works outside the home or who is frequently away from home

An Independent Living Community may be right if:

  • You don’t want the hassles of maintaining the interior or exterior of your home.
  • You want convenient access to social events such as dinners, movies, special interest clubs, church services and exercise facilities.
  • You want the peace of mind that additional support is right next door if and when you need it.

Visit us at Assisted Living Navigator.comImage to learn more about…

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Great Opportunity for Veterans Across the Country – extended thru 2014!

Fire & Heart: Enterprising Individuals with Compassion

Great Opportunity for Veterans Across the Country

Always Best Care Salutes Veterans!  The company plans to award a franchise in each of the 50 states and DC to a deserving veteran.  Deadline for entry is 12/31/13.  Follow the link for more details.

This fantastic opportunity has been extended throughout 2014!

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“Awarded” versus “Sold”

Fire & Heart: Enterprising Individuals with Compassion

Always Best Care ‘awards’ its territories to motivated and talented individuals interested in opening and growing a business dedicated to helping families and seniors.

This is an important, and not so subtle, point.  We will not simply transact a sale and walk away leaving the new owner on his own.  On the contrary, as part of the ‘discovery’ process, we will get to know her as she learns about us.  This open dialog will assure that we each understand the strengths of the other, and how we can work together toward mutual success.  It is a shared journey from the time we first meet.

We seek people with “Fire & Heart,” that combination of a passion to build a business and a desire to be of service.  These drives will be very important to the success of their endeavor, and each is required in equal measure.  These drives are often…

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Ten Things about Franchising – #5 to #1

Fire & Heart: Enterprising Individuals with Compassion

Source: 10 Things I Know About Franchising, By Ken Picard pecial to the Worcester Business Journal (03/05/12)

Consumers are more likely to buy products and services from a well-known brand. Franchises develop a consistent, proven customer experience, and spend millions creating trusted, well-known brands.

The Federal Trade Commission requires companies to provide disclosure documents to potential franchisees. It provides detailed information about the company, the required investment and the agreement.

Companies will help you obtain customers. Most include extensive national and local advertising programs to generate brand awareness and new customers.

More than half of U.S. franchise owners own more than one unit or territory.

Franchising is an ideal way to reinvent your career and think creatively about your future. You don’t have to keep doing what you’ve always done.

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