What is “Fire & Heart?”

Fire & Heart” are the two key traits we look for in new franchisees.  ‘Fire’ is the desire to build a business.  It is the willingness to go outside one’s comfort zone and make what Peter Drucker referred to as the ‘brave decision.’

Heart’ is the compassion to help people in their time of need, to want to be of service, the desire to make a difference.  Anyone who volunteers their time to a charity, cause or non-profit demonstrates ‘Heart,’ as does anyone who has ever cared for a loved one – regardless of age.

A good candidate may possess a resume with years of managerial, leadership or entrepreneurial experience. Often, we will see active membership, or board positions, in not-for-profit or charitable organizations.  Let’s not forget veterans and first responders who live leadership and service on a daily basis,

If you know someone who is between callings, or looking for an opportunity to give back to the community while building a business, or is looking to invest in the growing markets serving America’s aging population, please let them know about Always Best Care – Florida West.  We are here to provide the information desired (and required by the FTC!) to make an informed decision.

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