New Blog from Always Best Care

New Blog from Always Best Care

The link will take you to Always Best Care Senior Services’ new national blog which will cover a variety of general topics relating to seniors, senior care and assisted living.  Topics already covered include:

  • Protecting seniors from fraud
  • Senior nutrition
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes

Stay tuned!

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Assisted Living Homes with University Affilitations

Here’s an interesting twist on organizations getting involved with senior housing. I always figured the hotels would be one of the first.

Senior Care stuff

A recent press release from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) revealed that one of their senior communities received its license for assisted living. How many people even knew that the UPMC had senior housing in their portfolio?

It turns out that College and University affiliated senior housing is widespread. This company specializes in senior housing/college partnerships. They provide a list on their website with some big name examples of such arrangements – Notre Dame, Duke University, U of Florida, U of Michigan, etc. The housing communities are both private and non-profit. What are the benefits of such an arrangement for the two sides?


  • Revenue – from the sale of land or from a lease
  • Equity in the finished project and recurring payments for services
  • Donations to school from residents of the community
  • Housing option for retired faculty
  • Opportunities for the studying of aging
  • Expanded audience for campus events


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