The Long and Short of It

As we work with more and more families to help take much of the stress out of finding senior living arrangements for their loved ones, two distinct scenarios are most prominent.

On the one hand, there are families that have taken steps early in the process to think ahead and have a plan in place.  In a perfect world, most families would like to have the time and foresight to do this.  When the time comes, the plan unfolds, resources are available and paths are clearly marked.

On the other hand, life has its way of throwing curves at us.  Mom or Dad falls, becomes ill, or otherwise suddenly needs assistance.  In these cases, quick action replaces planning and detailed preparation.  Having a local resource to help provide options and advice can be a huge relief.

In both situations, we can help.  Also, keep in mind that our services are free to the family – yet another stress reliever!

Families can begin the process of defining the type of community they seek, the level of care, amenities, their budget and schedule.  We can help narrow the field of hundreds of communities to those that best meet the family’s needs and arrange tours of those communities.  When the time comes, that part of the process is covered.  We can even help with referrals to professionals who can help with Veteran’s benefits, estate planning and relocation services.

Families on the more immediate path can rely on our knowledge of the local communities and our relationships with them.  Again, we can help quickly filter out the communities best suited for the situation, determine if they have availability and make the right connections.  Our referral network can also be helpful with the other tasks associated with a sudden move.

Whenever possible, try to plan ahead.  We will be happy to help answer your questions or direct you to resources that can help.  If Life suddenly throws you a curve, we are here to help, as well.  We do cover the ‘long and the short of it.’

Please see the CONTACT link at the top if you would like to discuss your situation.  And visit us at  As always, our placement services are free to families.