“Awarded” versus “Sold”

Always Best Care ‘awards’ its territories to motivated and talented individuals interested in opening and growing a business dedicated to helping families and seniors.

This is an important, and not so subtle, point.  We will not simply transact a sale and walk away leaving the new owner on his own.  On the contrary, as part of the ‘discovery’ process, we will get to know her as she learns about us.  This open dialog will assure that we each understand the strengths of the other, and how we can work together toward mutual success.  It is a shared journey from the time we first meet.

We seek people with “Fire & Heart,” that combination of a passion to build a business and a desire to be of service.  These drives will be very important to the success of their endeavor, and each is required in equal measure.  These drives are often evident in mid- to upper-level managers and executives, who are actively involved in community service, for example.

As the local Area Representatives, we will work hand-in-hand with our new franchisees to help them through their set up, pre-training, classroom training, field training, grand opening and, most importantly, their on-going operations.  We are a permanent fixture, here to help grow and develop the business.  We offer our local knowledge of markets; we can guide new owners on company procedures and toward appropriate internal resources.  As mentors and coaches, we are a local source of support that is not normally found in franchising models.

In summary, unlike selling a commodity with no service or support, we ‘award’ territories to motivated and talented individuals who want to build a business and be involved in their community.  As the Area Representatives, we are dedicated to working with our owners by providing local knowledge, connections, insight, support and direction.

If you know someone who may be interested in this fulfilling the dream of owning their own business, please share this message along with our contact information.  Thank You!!

PS – Be sure to ask how we are “pre-heating” some of our available territories.


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